Diana's aircraft is a CAP 232, manufactured in France by CAP Aviation and was the last in their line of unlimited aerobatic aircraft. The fuselage is of composite wooden and carbon fibre construction; the wings are carbon fibre which keeps weight down but strength and stiffness up. The CAP 232 has distinguished itself as the most pilot-friendly, best-performing and most comfortable World Class Unlimited aircraft available and pilots flying this type have won many World Championships.

Profile view

General arrangementLength22.2 feet
Wingspan24.3 feet
Wing area109.2 square feet
Max take-off weight820 kilos
Empty weight620 kilos
Top speed (VNE)219 knots
Cruise speed180 knots
Manoeuvring speed170 knots
Stall speed56 knots
Rate of climb3290 feet/minute
G limits+/- 10 G
Roll rate420 degrees per second
Range400 nautical miles

With its Monty Barratt-prepared AEIO-540 320 hp engine and some other personalised extras, the CAP 232 has enabled Diana to continue to expand her gyroscopic repertoire. The aircraft's amazing roll rate and phenomenal performance makes it a spectacular addition to the airshow circuit.

Instrument panel

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